Code of Conduct

Harassment in any IndigiData context is not tolerated. 

Harassment includes sexual comments and innuendo, as well as repeated negative contact in any way, including microaggressions, stalking, inappropriate on- or offline contact, prolonged or repeated disruption of another person’s efforts to contribute, or other unwelcome attention. The intent to harass is not required for behavior to constitute harassment. Individuals asked to stop harassing behavior are expected to do so, regardless of the intent that motivated their behavior.

Bigotry in any IndigiData context is not tolerated. 

Bigotry includes actions or speech that express hate or disrespect of the humanity of people who are structurally marginalized in US society, or support bigotry-based governmental policies. For example, anti-Black (or other) racism, ageism, ableism, sexism, and anti-LGBTQIA sentiment are all unacceptable. Other modes of bigotry are also unacceptable. As with harassment, the intent to express bigotry is not necessarily required for speech or behavior to be bigoted.

Individuals who violate this code of conduct, either by engaging in harassing or bigoted behaviors, by reporting in bad faith that others have done so, or who retaliate against an individual for any request to stop a harassing or bigoted behavior (including violating the confidentiality of an individual or group that has requested intervention in harassing or bigoted behaviors), is grounds for the immediate revocation of the individual’s invitation to participate in all future IndigiData events and sessions.

Signatories Agree to the Following Statement:

I have read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct